Now we know AusBody Coffee Scrub on your body is invigorating and cellulite-reducing.  It’s anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, smooths and moisturises skin leaving you Glowing

Oh, and Mmmmmmmm….smells gorgeous.

AND you can use it on your face! because it scrubs away dead skin to reveal the new, healthy skin underneath, giving your skin a firmer appearance and reduced puffiness.

You may not want to scrub leftover dry coffee grounds on your face, but fresh coffee mixed with the right ingredients create AusBody Coffee Scrub, the benefits for your skin are immediately noticeable. 

Let us do the work.

True story: Just yesterday I took this photo during my coffee scrub (I haven’t used it on my face before), then I worked with a lady I see about once a week.

She asked whether I have have some spa treatments because, she said, I have never looked so young.  It was all the work of AusBody Coffee Scrub.  I LOVE IT.