When are you most excited about your holiday – just before the holiday, on your holiday, coming home from your holiday?

The anticipation of the upcoming holiday can the most exciting part of the journey.

What I like to do prior to going on a holiday is to visualise what the holiday is going to look and feel like – if I was in a story about my holiday.

If I can’t think of how one part of my holiday story looks like e.g getting on board a cruise ship, I research around until it slot into my story.

Why this important?  Your mind is very powerful and the more you are able to visualise your holiday the more you are able to plan, resulting in a great holiday.

Recently my family went on a seven night cruise up to Cairns. one month prior I sat down in a quite spot and visualised our holiday, this included the following:

My family and I packing our bags, loading the car, driving to the port, parking the car.

Waiting a check-in, walking onto the ship, finding our cabin, unpacking exploring the deck etc right up to walking of the ship and driving home.

When I first started this I discovered there was a lot gaps in my story e.g where was car going to be parked for the 7 nights. After some research I found a place that I could keep my car for the whole time and they also provided a shuttle service to the port.

After two weeks of everyday of visualising and research our holiday I was able to visualise the whole journey and I could start visualising the little details e.g. Sitting on the deck in the sun wearing a thin shawl.

When it came time to packing I was able to pack all things I needed with ease.

The holiday was a great success even when the sea became a bit rough, I had something prepared (acupressure tabs placed on my wrist).

Try visualising your holiday, you’ll be surprised at the great outcomes.

cazi walkng